Experience. Accomplishment. Vision.

Experience counts. Achievements matter. And a clear vision for leadership is essential. That’s what qualifies Dan McKee for a second term as Rhode Island’s Lt. Governor.

Six terms as Mayor of Cumberland and three years as Lt. Governor, plus his ownership of two small businesses, have given Dan McKee real world executive experience that money can’t buy. It’s the kind of experience that gets results.

Dan has proven that the Office of Lt. Governor can make a significant difference in the lives of Rhode Islanders. His work to eliminate National Grid’s penalty fee for those who choose an alternate electricity supplier has saved ratepayers thousands of dollars. His creation of a website, Empower RI, gives homeowners and businesses alike an easy way to shop for better electricity prices, creating hundreds of thousands of dollars of savings for Rhode Island ratepayers.

Dan has worked tirelessly to advocate for our small businesses, which represent 80% of our economy. He has led the development of a new strategic plan to guide Rhode Island health policy in meeting the epidemic of Alzheimer’s disease that is coming with the aging of the Baby Boomer generation. And he has made his office a resource for municipal leaders around the state who seek ways to improve city and town services.

Experience. Accomplishment. Vision. And just the kind of leader we need to build a better Rhode Island.

Stand with Dan for a better Rhode Island.

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