Standing with Dreamers 

Dan stands with Dreamers because he has seen firsthand that here in Rhode Island, we have thousands of amazing young people who are protected by DACA, many who have only ever known Rhode Island as their home. These young people are studying, working, running small businesses, paying taxes, and building their own families. DACA protects the progress they have made and the many contributions they continue to make to the social and economic fabric of our state. As Lt. Governor, Dan has made it clear that playing politics with DACA and the lives this program touches is wrong.


Advocating for Gun Safety

Since his time as Mayor, Dan has worked with other community leaders to advocate for increased gun safety measures and believes changes must be made locally and nationally to reduce gun violence. Dan supports universal background checks, banning military-style assault weapons and high-capacity magazine weapons, better gun safety education, increased mental health treatment and expanding gun buyback programs. 


Fighting for a Woman's Right to Choose 

Dan is a lifelong pro-choice Democrat and a powerful advocate for eliminating barriers to equality for women across our state. As Lt. Governor, Dan vowed to protect Roe v. Wade and pledged his support for legislation that will codify its protection in state law. But Dan's record of fighting for equality began long before he took office--it dates back over 30 years to when Dan led the charge to change the name of his local Boys Club to the Boys & Girls Club of Cumberland Lincoln. 




Supporting Marriage Equality & LGBTQ+ Rights

In 2013, Dan was a founding member of a coalition of Rhode Island mayors whose advocacy was critical to passing marriage equality legislation in our state. As Lt. Governor, Dan has stood up and spoken out against partisan changes on the Supreme Court that threaten the progress we have made toward equality. Dan is proud of the work he and others have done for the LGBTQ+ community here in the Ocean State, but he knows there is still more work to be done. With your support, Dan will continue fighting for equality for ALL Rhode Islanders.