Building an Age-Friendly Rhode Island

Is Rhode Island prepared for 2030? By that year, nearly 100,000 more Rhode Islanders will be age 65; that’s about one out of every four residents in the state.

Under Dan’s leadership, the Aging in Community Subcommittee of Rhode Island’s Long Term Care Coordinating Council researched current senior services and resources and prepared a strategic plan to promote aging in the community. The subcommittee inventoried services, conducted focus groups with 100 older adults across the state, interviewed key providers and researched best practices. It also identified the enormous contributions our older population makes to the state’s economy.

As Chair of Rhode Island’s Long Term Care Coordinating Council, Dan and his team took this information and created the Age-Friendly Rhode Island Coalition. This group is working to implement a plan to build a community that enables Rhode Islanders to live independently as they age, with the care, support and resources needed to foster health, well-being, social connectedness and a meaningful life.

Dan also created the Rhode Island Alzheimer’s Disease Executive Board and tasked it with the implementation of a five-year plan designed to guide state response to the growing incidence of Alzheimer ’s disease in Rhode Island.