Dear Rhode Islanders,

I want to be sure that as your Lieutenant Governor, I have the best tools to serve the greater good. That’s why I will seek a constitutional amendment to enable the Office of Lieutenant Governor to better serve the interests of Rhode Island taxpayers.

As immediate past Chairman of the National Lieutenant Governors Association, I have had the opportunity to learn how other states have effectively structured new roles for the Lieutenant Governor…many of which I believe would deliver significant value to Rhode Islanders. For example, in Louisiana, the Lieutenant Governor manages state tourism, in North Carolina the Lieutenant Governor serves on the board of public education and in Indiana the Lieutenant Governor directly manages multiple state departments. In many states, the Lieutenant Governor and Governor run on the same ticket which strengthens the executive branch and better prepares the Lieutenant Governor for possible succession.

With the help of my staff and others, I will evaluate which new roles for the Rhode Island’s Lieutenant Governor would have the greatest benefit to the state and incorporate them in my proposal for a constitutional amendment.

I have learned that the most important qualification that any Lieutenant Governor can have is to be able and prepared to become Governor. Seven Lieutenant Governors have become Governor in the past year alone. Each of them has been tempered by solid experience in the public and private sector, as I have. To fill a position that is a heartbeat away from the Governor’s Office Governor’s Office, we must elect a proven executive, a trusted leader and someone who understands the unique strengths and weakness of Rhode Island.

Over the next few months, I hope you’ll share your thoughts with me about re-imagining the Lieutenant Governor’s Office in the State of Rhode Island.


Dan McKee